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Useful Databases  Dictionaries 
Zip Code Lookup and Address Information Dictionary.com
PerCon DataFinder Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - Thesaurus 
AnyWho Find Telephone Number Hyperdictionary
Clinical Pharmacology Online - Internet Drug Reference
Roll Call - guide to the U.S. Congress
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations Neat Stuff
Microsoft Knowledge Base Test your connection speed! - MSN Site
Physical Constants Test your connection speed! - DSL Reports Site
Tiger Mapping Service Test your connection speed! - Road Runner
TopoZone - Topographic Maps Arch Paging online messaging
Hoaxbusters - Internet scams exposed Sprint PCS Wireless messaging
Is DSL available at your address? Shields up! - Test your Internet Security! 
Consumer Product Safety Commission - recalled products database Earth-orbit satellite tracking  
Hardware Central - computer hardware info Memphis Traffic Cams
KnowX.com EarthCam - Webcam network
Web Attack  - downloads Browser Info - your browser properties
Web Attack - missing files How Stuff Works
ActiveWin - Windows information The official U.S. time
Virtual Gumshoe GEEKTOOLS: Whois proxy  
File extension database Symantec Security Check  
Medical Terminology Database   the How-To Geek
City Data.com - Stats about U.S. Cities HTML to text converter
Process Library  
Package Tracking Sites
UPS Package Tracking
Welcome to FedEx
Airborne Tracking
USPS Express Mail Tracking



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