Memphis Area Airports


Flying in the Memphis Area
West Memphis (AWM)
General DeWitt Spain (M01)
Charles Baker (2M8)
Millington Municpal (NQA)
Olive Branch (OLV)
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Welcome to Memphis Area Airports!

This web site provides pilots and other interested individuals with information about Memphis area airports from a local private pilot's perspective. It is certainly not intended to serve as a replacement for official FAA sources. It will hopefully supplement such fine web resources as AirNavAOPA Online, the "Where to Fly" Airport Directory, and Fly Away travelguides, to name a few.

I am not providing this page as a commercial endeavor, but rather as a way to combine two of my hobbies: flying and computers. As such, I take pride in developing a good site but visitors should realize that this is only a hobby and is only as complete and current as I have time to make it.

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